Pangolins in disguise

To evade poachers, 11,000 pangolins have dressed up as humans – but they're not particularly good at dressing themselves. Obviously.

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A nifty fashion sense alone may not be enough to save pangolins from extinction ... but the funds raised from the sale of this generative art NFT collection will.

Led by scientist, conservationist and founder of Pangolins International, Maria Diekmann, our mission is to raise the funds to establish a network of 9 pangolin conservation centres around the globe, dedicated to the protection of the most trafficked mammal in the world.

By minting a NiFTy Pangolins NFT, you'll be joining a dynamic community, coming together to pull pangolins back from the brink of extinction.

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Core NFT Collection

Each one unique. Each one fabulous.

Free VIP NFTs to unlock

For the true collector.

Hand-crafted traits

Yep, you read that right!

Conservation centres

To establish across Africa and Asia.


Beyond providing the perfect profile pic to promote the plight of the plucky pangolin, your NiFTy Pangolins NFT is an access pass to extremely rare pangolin content, and offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see pangolins up close at one of the conservation centres (travel and accommodation included). It also gives you exclusive access to IRL meet-ups, competitions, giveaways and merch, plus early access to future collections. And then there’s this…

If you collect a full set of NiFTy Pangolins with connected traits, you’ll get the opportunity to unlock one of 1,000 FREE VIP NFTs, sporting a complete non-jumbled outfit (with additional ownership benefits) … so get pangolin wranglin’ people!

Diagram showing how collecting three NFTs with the correct traits unlocks a free VIP NFT

More utility, collabs and partnerships are in the works and we'll announce details to the community when the time is right. Stay tuned, folks!

Owner benefits

All holders of a NiFTy Pangolins NFT will benefit from:

IP rights

You can use your NFT’s artwork in many ways – even commercially – so get creative!

Hi-res art

4000 x 4000 pixel PNG file, print size 33 x 33cm at 300ppi

Exclusive stuff

Merch, competitions and giveaways exclusive to NiFTy Pangolins holders

Exclusive pangolin content

Regular footage from the conservationists, plus AMAs with Maria and the team

Get involved

As opportunities emerge, we'll encourage input from our community

Priority list

Pre-sale access to all future collections, with a FREE NFT reserved for all current holders

Exclusive membership

Join an empowered community with the shared goal of positive change


The opportunity to unlock FREE 1/1 VIP NFTs by collecting multiple NiFTy Pangolins

A warm fuzzy feeling

It's bound to happen when you're helping to pull pangolins back from the brink of extinction :-)

VIP benefits

Those holding a VIP (Very Impeccable Pangolins) NFT will also benefit from:

Conservation Centre Invitation

The chance to win an invitation to one of the conservation centres (inc travel and accom)

Adoption of a pangolin

Adoption of a real pangolin, with naming rights and regular updates from the centre

Scalable VIP vector file

Print to any size whatsoever without loss of quality


So, this is us – the NiFTy Pangolins team. Real people with a real motive to make real change. But we can't do it without the community behind us, so grab yourself a NiFTy Pangolins NFT and get stuck in with us!

Photo of NiFTy Pangolins' Maria Diekmann holding a pangolin

Maria Diekmann

Photo of NiFTy Pangolins' Dean Leybourn

Dean Leybourn

Photo of NiFTy Pangolins' Mark Meredith

Mark Meredith

Photo of NiFTy Pangolins' Brian Dorey

Brian Dorey

Photo of NiFTy Pangolins' Karen Waller

Karen Waller

Photo of NiFTy Pangolins' Sophia Douglas

Sophia Douglas


Environmental impact

We deliberately chose to release the NiFTy Pangolins collection after the Ethereum blockchain switched from its energy-intensive Proof-of-Work model to Proof-of-Stake. This means that the carbon impact of buying an NFT – previously comparable to taking a transatlantic flight – has been slashed by a massive 99.95%.

The primary pangolin conservation centre is being built in Nigeria's Emerald Forest Reserve, which will soon be operating a carbon sinking initiative. Once the collection has sold out, we'll be working with the Emerald Forest Reserve to offset at least double the amount of CO2 generated by our collection, making it carbon-negative.